2019 has been a challenging year, filled with conflict, change, and chaos. But, I can’t help but look towards 2020 with hope and optimism. I want 2020 to not only be better but to be great. I want a year full of lessons, adventures, growth, happiness, and love. I want to try new things, expand my life and knowledge. I want to dance more, sing more, and live more. I want to push my limits and break down the walls I put up. I want to fight for the things that matter to me. I want to stand up for myself more, make healing a priority. I want to be able to end the year knowing I didn’t waste a moment!

I know I hope for a lot to happen this coming year, but I can’t help it. I just am looking forward to all the new possibilities. There is a whole new year of adventures, learning, celebrations, and opportunities coming my way. I can reach new levels of self-fulfillment, and I can continue to heal and grow. I can leave behind the bad things that happened this year and move forward on to a better and brighter future. I can take the lessons I have learned and use them to prevent the problems I have faced.

I do know the new year will also bring some bad, but I have no way to know what it is, so why worry. If I can focus on the good, maybe there will be more of it than bad, or at least I hope so.

Well, cheers to surviving another year! Hopefully, we all have a great 2020!

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